Sunday, 19 March 2017

Quarter Finals

We are now in the money making part of the competition for these teams.

McEwen (Can) v Kauste (Fin)
Schwaller (Sui) v Murdoch (Sco)
Rui (China) v Eskilsson (Swe)
Hardie(Sco) v Deruelle (Can)

Hardie Defeats Deruelle 6-2 after 6 ends, he stole a 2 in the first which sets them up for the rest of the game. Schwaller defeats last years winners and current Scottish Champions Team Murdoch. Rui beats Eskilsson and McEwen completes the line up in the semi's with a win over Kauste.

The semi's are Hardie v McEwen and Rui v Schwaller, three C road qualifiers and an A road in the Semi. Semi final on at 12pm.