Monday, 19 March 2018

Semi Finals

Friday Night saw the Quarter Finals take place with Baumann v Brewster on Sheet B, Smith v Walstad on C, Schwaller v Bryce on D and Mouat v Stirling Gin (Drummond) on E.
Baumann, Smith and Schwaller all won their games by scoring a 1 in the final end after being peeled going down the last, Mouat also scored a 1 in the final end but had a two shot cushion running out 7-4 winners.

Semi Finals took place at 9am on the Sunday Morning with a repeat of the World Men's Playoff for Scotland in Smith v Mouat, it was a high scoring game with 2's and 3's being taken by both teams. Mouat ran Smith out of stones in the 8th end winning the game 9-6.

The other Semi Final was between Baumann and Schwaller, and despite Team Baumann playing a great shot in the 4th to pull back the score to just being one down, Schwaller came out victorious with a score of 4 in the 5th end.

The final was set Mouat v Schwaller

Team Baumann discussing the shot in the 4th end, which scored them their 2.